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April 6, 2009

You Are Never Alone

Sometimes, when the world's not on your side 

You don't know where to run to 

You don't know where to hide. 

You gaze at the stars in the sky 

At the mountains so high 

Through the tears in your eyes. 

Looking for a reason, 

to replace what is gone. 

Just remember, remember 

That you are never alone. 

You are never alone

Just reach into your heart 

And Allah is always there. 

You are never alone 

Through sorrow and through grief 

Through happiness and peace 

You are never alone. 

So now as you long for your past 

Prepare for your future 

But knowing nothings going to last 

You see this life is but a road 

A straight and narrow path 

To our final abode 

So travel well O Muslim 

And Paradise will be your home 

And always remember 

That you are never alone. 

Allah is always there...never feel that you are alone...

Allah is always with you...destining the best for you...


candlesky said...

[So now as you long for your past

Prepare for your future]

~jalan di hadapan terbentang luas,
lihatlah haruman bunga yang terselit di sebalik duri-duri yang menghiasi jalan itu...

u r strong enough, dear=)

أم زهير said...

dear candlesky..

tenkiu much2...

Anonymous said...

sometime..when d world's not on ur side..u dun noe when 2 run 2, u dun noe where 2 hide...just remember dat u r never alone..juz reach into ur heart n Allah will always there..:-)

thanks nael...=)

أم زهير said...

dear Anonymous...

welcome =) tp 4 wat eh??

hehe tenkiu gak..